Industrial Belting

The Unique Weave is the solution for Demanding applications

The yarns in plain woven fabrics have a natural crimp. Once the belt is put under tension, this crimp is pulled out; resulting in unwanted belt stretch. The straight warp yarns of the VIPER and VIPER II fabric range have no need to straighten out like that of crimped yarns, thus eliminating much of the initial belt stretch. VIPER and VIPER II provide for maximum load support, yet remain quite flexible for high tension constructions. This makes our Viper line a great choice for wide conveyors, as well as, narrow, high tension conveyors of long distances.

Designed for Impact Resistance

By packing tremendous break strength into the one or two plies of the VIPER or VIPER II, Legg must use very large yarns. These yarns, in addition to the unique fabric construction, are much more resistant to rip, tear, and puncture than the lighter yarns found in plain woven belt fabrics which require three, four, or five plies for equal strength. Once the belt has been vulcanized with premium rubber covers, and a thick rubber skim for two ply constructions, the belt is fully equipped to dampen impact forces and will absorb stresses put on the belt by large/heavy materials.

Viper Conveyor Belts
  • The high modulus straight warp carcass, incorporating longitudinal warp yarns with virtually no crimp, was engineered for low stretch
  • Unique Polyester/Nylon/Nylon carcass has unmatched impact resistance
  • Polyester warp + nylon weft + nylon binder = excellent rip & tear resistance
  • The VIPER one and two ply carcass designs provide excellent troughability when compared to multi-ply, high strength belt constructions
  • Superb load support allows for safe material transport at wide widths
  • The VIPER high tensile constructions remain flexible enough to bend around small pulleys