Vacuum Filter Belts

Specialty Belting

Proven Performance in Any Dewatering Processes

Vacuum filter belts from LEGG are specifically designed to separate liquids and solids on horizontal belt filter systems. These belts support the filter cloth, the filter cake and the filtrate within integrated skirts or with additional curbing. The filtrate is removed by vacuum through the molded grooves in the top cover and the drainage holes in the center of the belt.

Fabric Free Zone

In most cases the textile carcass of the belt must be protected from the filtered media. LEGG offers filter belts with a textile free drainage zone. The textile carcass is completely embedded in rubber and separated from both the drainage holes and the belt edges, thus protecting the carcass from both chemical and thermal degradation.

Bottom Guide

Depending on the filter design, the transport belt often requires either a single guide or multiple guides on the bottom of the belt to assist in tracking and to keep the drainage holes centered over the vacuum box. Drainage holes run through the transport belt and bottom guide allowing access to the collection duct.


Integrated skirts hold the filter cake on top of the filter blanket and transport belt. The addition of curbing can increase capacity and eliminate spillage. Curbing type and height is determined for each specific application.

Belt Constructions

Legg offers a variety of filter belt widths and constructions. Starting with a construction 24 inches wide with a single bottom guide, to a construction 60 inches wide with five bottom guides, Legg offers a wide range of filter belt designs. Each Legg filter belt is tailor made for your specific model of horizontal vacuum filter.

Vacuum Filter Belts
Standard curbing

Standard curbing

Corregated curbing

Corregated curbing


1. Cover Compound
  • Good chemical resistance
  • High temperature resistance
2. Molded transverse groove surface
  • Smooth surface
  • Perfect pitch and dimensions of grooves and lands
3. Bottom guide
  • Single and multiple guide strip locations available
4. 100% polyester carcass
  • High-strength
  • Low-elongation
  • Laterally stable
5. Fabric free drainage zone
  • Same physical properties as rubber covers
  • Punching or drilling of center holes does not expose fabric carcass
6. Full rubber edge
  • Good lateral stability when guide pulleys are used
7. Un-grooved edge zone
  • Suitable for cold bonding or vulcanizing rubber curbing onto the belt
8. Upward folding skirting
  • Edge zone can be folded up to desired containment height
  • No need to attach additional profiles
  • Without curbing, required drive and tail pulley diameters are reduced
9. Smooth and seamless transition between base belt surface and side curbing
  • Smooth and straight alignment of the filter cloth
  • Minimal air stream leakage between belt and filter cloth